Friday, 15 February 2013

2 Weeks after Radiotherapy

It's been just over 2 weeks since my last dose of radiotherapy and my leg has now reached the peak of soreness. Over the last 14 days it has gradually become more and more red and sore. It's a little like leaving your leg out all day in the hottest sun you can imagine, and getting a really bad sunburn . It has sore red patches and blisters, although I have to say it's not as bad as it looks.

Not a pretty sight !!

I spoke to the Consultant at the Prosthetics Unit at Stanmore Hospital to ask if I could transfer to the Prosthetics Department at Colchester Hospital. He said that this would be no problem as Colchester is a satellite unit and is under his care. This means that I can get my new socket measured and made at Colchester rather than Stanmore. Any medical problems would still be dealt with at Stanmore, but all mechanical settings etc will now be done at Colchester. This will reduce our travelling considerably.

I now have to wait approx another 2-3 weeks in order for my leg to get better and for the slight swelling to go down. Then I can get a new socket made for my leg and get back to some normality. I've been on crutches now since August last year and it will be really nice not to have to use them all the time.

Another update to follow when I get my leg sorted !!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Radiotherapy Finished

33 treatments finished last wednesday, and also the daily commute to London. I wont miss the commute but I will miss the staff at UCLH Radiotherapy Department. Over the 33 days I was treated by 14 different staff and they were all wonderful. There are 5 machines at UCLH and I was generally on No's 2 & 3 the only exceptions being breakdowns and routine maintenance. Each machine in manned by 3 to 4 staff with floating teams to cover tea breaks, lunches etc.

Before leaving last Wednesday I was seen by one of the Oncology Team doctors for a welfare check, and to to say that I would be bought in for a scan in March. Friday morning the appointment arrived and I have CT Scans to my chest, pelvis and abdomen on March 12 at 9.15. This is really early for me, and it means that I will have to be up early to join the commuters for my journey to London. My next meeting with the surgeon is due on February 25th for a routine check up

I now have to wait 4-5 weeks for my leg to rest from the radiotherapy and I can then get a new socket made for my prosthesis. At the moment my leg is pretty red, and a little sore from the treatment. However it's not to bad considering that I have had 30% more treatments than last time, and the skin on the top half of your legs is somewhat more sensitive than the lower leg.