Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Radiotherapy Finished

33 treatments finished last wednesday, and also the daily commute to London. I wont miss the commute but I will miss the staff at UCLH Radiotherapy Department. Over the 33 days I was treated by 14 different staff and they were all wonderful. There are 5 machines at UCLH and I was generally on No's 2 & 3 the only exceptions being breakdowns and routine maintenance. Each machine in manned by 3 to 4 staff with floating teams to cover tea breaks, lunches etc.

Before leaving last Wednesday I was seen by one of the Oncology Team doctors for a welfare check, and to to say that I would be bought in for a scan in March. Friday morning the appointment arrived and I have CT Scans to my chest, pelvis and abdomen on March 12 at 9.15. This is really early for me, and it means that I will have to be up early to join the commuters for my journey to London. My next meeting with the surgeon is due on February 25th for a routine check up

I now have to wait 4-5 weeks for my leg to rest from the radiotherapy and I can then get a new socket made for my prosthesis. At the moment my leg is pretty red, and a little sore from the treatment. However it's not to bad considering that I have had 30% more treatments than last time, and the skin on the top half of your legs is somewhat more sensitive than the lower leg.

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