Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Clips Out !!

14 days after the operation and today was clip out day. I had an appointment with our practice nurse at 11.00. Last week when I had seen the doctor about the infection he had requested that he be bought in prior to the nurse removing any clips so that he could just check over the wound.

The nurse removed the dressings put on in the hospital and revealed a pretty neat wound that had healed nicely. The doctor checked the wound carefully and gave the OK for all the clips to be removed.  I guess there were around 30 clips and the nurse started by removing every other clip. They do this to ensure that if there is a problem with the wound at least it wont split open.

As I mentioned in previous posts the surgeon cut along the old wound line, and as you can see it's a really neat job and when it's healed it'll be hard to see.

As a Point of interest, the crease below the wound is where the tumour was. So now it's been removed I'm left with a huge dimple !!  I think in time as the healing takes place this will smooth itself out.

I have a meeting next week on Friday 23rd with the Oncologist at University College London where we will look at the the Histology results on the tumour margins. This will determine what future treatments are necessary or not. On Monday 26th I have an appointment with the surgeon for a check up on the surgery.

So I'll be reporting as soon as I have further information.

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