Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Rest & Recuperation

After coming home last Thursday I started to rest up to assist the healing process. Unfortunately over the weekend my leg started to get tender, and by Sunday it was swollen and pretty painful. By Monday morning it was time to get professional advice so I made an appointment to see the GP at 3.00 in the afternoon. His diagnosis confirmed my suspicions that I had an infection.

So it' a week on Antibiotics, and back on my max dose of morphine for a while to help with the pain. That should sort it out !! I'm due to have the clips out next Tuesday (13th) and this may well have an impact on that. It's possible that I'll have some removed in the area not affected, with the remainder a few days later. Have to wait and see.

I said to the GP, that I thought that I had now all the money back from the NHS in terms of operations etc, that I had paid in NI over the years. So this was now possibly the time to stop !!  He gave wry smile. I don't think he took me to seriously.

I'll do another post when there's more to report.

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  1. Sorry to read this Dave. Hope things are improving as the days tick by.
    Mrs P xx