Saturday, 24 November 2012

Oncology Appointment

Yesterday (Friday 23rd) I had an appointment to see Dr Seddon the Oncology Consultant at The new Macmillan Cancer Center, University College London Hospital.

I don't always see Dr Seddon as she is the head of the team, however, I had seen her on the 22nd Oct  prior to the operation to remove the tumour, and she had indicated that we would discuss the possibility of post operation Radiotherapy at my next appointment.

My appointment was for 11.45, and we were called in a little late around 12.05. Dr Seddon went through the pathology results of the removed tumour, most of which went over my head as it's all in medical speak. We looked at the CT Scan of my leg and it all became a little clearer. It showed the tumours, there were 2 of them adjacent to each other. In one position the tumour was pretty close to either the main vein or artery, so the the margin in this area was small. Surgeons like to take a good margin around the tumour to ensure they get all the cancer cells.

Dr Seddon was pleased with the surgery results and suggested that it would be sensible to follow a 6 week programme of Radiotherapy to reduce the risk of the caner re-occurring. I was of course happy to go along with this, and the wheels were put in motion. This means daily trips to UCLH at Euston Square Monday to Friday for the 6 weeks. I should be contatcted next week to go along for the 2 appointments which are required for the fixture manufacture. If this happens next week the radiotherapy should start the following week, or possibly the week after. All being well this course should be finished by the end of January, I then have to wait a few weeks for the stump to recover before I can go to Stanmore to get a new socket made for my prosthetic leg. Then the process of learning to walk again starts.

Before I left Dr Seddon sent me down for a chest X-Ray to make sure all was well in that department. The guy doing the X-rays was really nice and he allowed me to have a look at the result. Nowadays it's all digital and instant.

I had a really good look over the X-ray and to my untrained eyes my lungs looked good. But what do I know !!  On Monday the 26th November I have an appointment in London to see Mr Skinner the Surgeon for a follow up check on the operation.

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