Monday, 8 October 2012

Biopsy & MRI

Last week after my appointment in London I had a phone call from Stanmore to book the biopsy for Monday 8th at 11.15am. The following day I had another phone call to say that they wanted me to also have an MRI scan on my pelvis and booked it for Monday at 8.30am.

As we normally look after little Harry, our niece's youngest on Mondays, my good friend Doug volunteered to keep me company on the day. This meant an early start leaving home at 6.15am. The drive to Stanmore was uneventful and we arrived early at 8.15. I was straight in and the MRI was completed by 8.45.

With just over 2 hours to wait before the biopsy I decided to drive to the local Morrisons supermarket and treat myself and Doug to breakfast. Full english and a decent cup of coffee set us up nicely, and we got back to the hospital in good time to be at the X ray department for 11.00. The team doing the biopsy's were running about an hour late due to problems earlier in the day. However this was not a problem and we just sat in the waiting area people watching and occasionally nodding off to sleep.

When I was called in at about 12.10 the doctor gave me a local anaesthetic and then took 3 small samples from the lump to be sent off the the pathology laboratory for diagnosis. Hopefully the results will be available for Mr Skinners team to discuss at this Fridays team meeting. I should then have some news early next week.

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