Friday, 12 October 2012

Check up at Brompton

Today I had a routine check up at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London. The appointment was for 11.00am with Mr Jordan's clinic.  We arrived in good time and I was sent for a chest X-Ray prior to the appointment. I was seen by one of Mr Jordans registrars. We looked at the X-Ray and compared it with one taken prior to the lung surgery. Today's X-Ray was completely clear in contrast to the earlier one.

The Doctor was pleased with the result of the surgery and confirmed that several of the nodules which had been removed from both lungs were cancerous (Sarcoma) however both lungs now looked clear. After listening to my lungs with a stethoscope, she confirmed that both lungs were good. I was signed off and no further appointments at the Brompton were necessary.

Just after we got home this afternoon I received a phone call from Stanmore to say that the team had discussed the results of the the biopsy during their Friday meeting and that an appointment had been made to see Mr Skinner on Monday 15th at Bolsover Street in London. They never discuss anything over the phone, so I have to wait until Monday for the outcome.

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