Monday, 15 October 2012

The Saga rolls on

Today I had an appointment with Mr Skinner in London to discuss the outcome of last weeks biopsy on the lump in my right leg (stump)  Two weeks ago when I was at the same clinic Mr Skinner had injured his back and was unavailable. Today however he was there, and just about on time at 2.00pm I was called in to see him.

The result of the biopsy showed that the lump was was indeed a Sarcoma tumour. We looked at the MRI scan of my pelvis which was taken last Monday and it was completely clear and showed no signs of any tumours. This was good to learn. So back to the tumour in my leg. Mr Skinner offered two choices that were open to him, the first was to surgically remove the tumour, and the second would be to amputate the remainder of the leg back to hip level. We both decided it would be best to just remove the tumour with surgery at this point in time. He did however think it would be good to speak to Dr Beatrice Seddon, the Consultant Oncologist at University College Hospital London, to see if radiotheraphy either before or after the operation would be beneficial.

I asked when the operation could take place and was pleasantly suprised to hear that next week was a possability. Mr Skinner promised that I would be contacted by phone either Tuesday or Wednesday with the outcome of his discussions with Dr Seddon. Because of the possibility of surgery next week I attended a Pre-addmission clinic before I left. At the Pre-addmission clinic they do various tests and take samples to ensure you are fit for surgery, ie blood pressure, heart rate, blood and urine samples, and swab samples from various parts of your body for MRSA.

So now just waiting for the phone call to see which route we go down.

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