Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Rest and Recuperation

Still taking it easy and resting. The back is improving every day, so another week or so should see me back to some normality.

Last Thursday 27th I went to Stanmore Hospital for the MRI on my stump. I hadn't said anything before, but when I was in The Royal Brompton Hospital having the final lung operation, I had noticed a couple of what felt like lumps in the stump. This is not what you want at this stage.

I mentioned this to the Brompton team and they arranged for a portable Ultrasound machine and operator to take a look for me. The resulting images were inconclusive and they phoned the Orthopaedic team at Stanmore. After I got home from the Royal Brompton I received a call from the Stanmore team to say that they had arranged for the MRI to take place on Thursday 27th. The Stanmore Orthopeadic team meet on Fridays to discuss their  patients, and on Friday afternoon the 28th I received a phone call saying that they would like to see me at Bolsover Street London for an appointment on Monday 1st October. Bolsover Street has been undergoing redevelopment and is now a really nice modern building.

Yesterday I went to Bolsver Street. Doug, a good friend came to keep me company, and Tom met us at Liverpool Street. We arrived Early and after a coffee in reception we went to the waiting area. I was seen a little after my appointment time by one of Mr Skinners team. It transpired that Mr Skinner had recently injured his back quite badly and will be out of commission for some time. This will present a problem as he is only one of two consultants who operate on Sarcoma's.

During the appointment we looked at the MRI scan. One of the lumps which is on the front didn't show up at all, and the doctor dismissed it as scar tissue on the bone. The other lump which is on the inside of my leg showed up, but the doctor was unsure of its nature. He said that had it been a tumour it would have possibly shown up as a different shade of grey on the screen. The only route would be to have an Ultra Sound Guided  Biopsy taken. He arranged for the biopsy to be taken this week either Wednesday or Friday at Stanmore.

I'll update with a posting when I know more.

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