Monday, 11 June 2012

Not been feeling to good !!

Since the fall on Thursday I haven't been feeling on top form. Not sure why ? Friday was OK from recollection, I think Saturday was the start of it. I woke up with excruciating stomach pains to be closely followed by "the world dropping out of my bottom" I'm going to blame the steak pie I had Friday evening !!

Couldn't do much after that so I just rested up, slept a bit here and there, and luckily the trots didn't return. Sunday our son Tom was coming up to visit and check on his fathers progress. I woke up on Sunday feeling absolutely rotten. Lethargic, hot and sweaty, nauseous, stomach pains, you name it !! I had it. I was really nice to see Tom, but unfortunately I spent most of the day sleeping under a duvet on the sofa. I think I was awake for a good hour during his visit.

Today I woke up again feeling really bad, much the same as Sunday, so bad that Jane called out the doctor to check me over. Fortunatley apart from a slightly high temperature all systems checked out OK.

Two lines of thought, firstly my dose a drug call Gabapentin was doubled Thursday last week. This drug is used to control the phantom leg pains that I have. Secondly, it could be the trauma of the fall that happened on Thursday.

Either way it's onward and upward from now !!

I'll pick up the blog again when I'm feeling a bit more up to it.

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