Friday, 29 June 2012

Ring O' Fire !!

What's all this I hear you say !!

Just when I thought I was having a relatively quiet week I got an email from our son Tom,
with the subject line

Must be crazy !!!  (but I think we already knew that)

SinceTom semi-retired from running, he has been working in London for run-fast, a Sports Management Company based in Leadenhall Street. The company also has an online retail store, and a pop up shop in Leadenhall Street.

So any of you out there requiring running shoes or clothing etc, log on and check them out.
The staff are all athletes/runners so can give you good professional unbiased advice for all your running needs, and possibly some good deals.
Just follow this link run-fast

Recently a guy came into the shop to leave some flyers for an Ultra Distance Race.

Tom has now entered himself for "The Ring O' Fire" Click the link for details

131 mile ultra marathon circumnavigating the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales. Run over 3 days starting 31st Aug and finishing 2nd Sept. Day one 32 miles, day two 64 miles, day three 35 miles.

For those of you who have followed my blog you will know that Tom is not aversed to doing the odd crazy thing. When he had a running injury last year he bought a road bike, and one of his day trips was from Tiptree to Southwold in Suffolk and back, 140 mile round trip. This year he cycled from Tiptree to our apartment in Torquay, it took him 2.1/2 days covering over 300 miles. Then recently when coming to us for a weekend he decide to run from the Barbican. He made it to Chelmsford (in under 5 hours), over 40 miles, before jumping on a train to complete the jouney,

See, we already knew he was Crazy !! This just confirms it.


  1. Must run in the family! You're not averse to being mental. Overtime, and working, when you don't really need to, der!!!!!
    And if you were younger, fitter and had the time you would join him. Hey, you could get him to run/push you, (in your chair), from tiptree to somewhere???

  2. Brilliant thought Muddy !!! I'll put it to him, not sure he'll go for it, might cramp his style and slow him dowm.