Saturday, 23 June 2012

Not out of the woods yet !!

Yesterday I had two appointments at University College Hospital London, at the new Macmillan Cancer Center in Huntley Street. The first appointment was a CT scan at 11.30 followed by a meeting with the Oncology team at 1.15.

As I'm still wobbling around on one leg and two crutches my son Tom drove us to Huntley street. Jane dove to Newbury Park, and Tom met us there and took over the driving. We arrived nicely on time at the very impressive new Macmillan Cancer Center.

The Reception Atrium.

The Reception level is well designed, being light and spacious. Using the latest technology, on arrival you just scan yourself into the system using the barcode on your appointment letter at one of the check in pods. The reception area has a shop, and cafe serving Costa coffee, hot panini's, sandwiches etc. There are also lots of modern comfortable seating. Once checked in you can relax with a coffee and keep an eye on one of the many large airport type screens. When the staff are ready to see you your name appears in the list on the screens. It gives you the floor level and room number to go to. So off you go !!  Brilliant system.

My first appointment was a CT scan at 11.30 at basement level. On arrival I was met and taken to have a cannula put into my left arm. This cannula is used to inject an enhancer liquid into the body when the CT scan is being done. It shows up the body parts with better definition. Straight after I was in to the CT room and the scan was completed in about 5 mins.

 It was now just over an hour before my next appointment, so Jane and I went back to reception level for Coffee and a Panini. About 25 mins before my appointment was due my name popped up on the screens saying go to level 1 room 38.

On arrival at room 38 we were met by one of the Oncology team. My morning scan was bought up on the screen and as the doctor scanned up and down the sections, it was obvious to me that there was a fairly large white looking nodule in the left lung. The doctor also pointed out another nodule in the right lung, albeit much smaller. The larger nodule was about 22mm across. The Doctor went off to discuss the scan with the Team head, Dr Beatrice Seddon. It was decided that they would meet with the surgical team on the 9th July to discuss surgical removal.

My scan showing the lower body level, stomach area. At the bottom is the spine.

They didn't seem to see surgical removal as a problem so I'm happy to go along with that. The operation will be carried out at the Royal Marsden Hospital, and I would be in for 3 days. They will ring me after their meeting with the surgical team to update me.

So, not out of the woods yet,
but I see it as just another hurdle in life to get over.

More news when I have it.

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