Friday, 15 June 2012

Today I walked !!

Such a brilliant day !!

My 2nd physio appointment at Stanmore. After last weeks fall I was determined to take it steady.

The weather was good, unlike last week when it rained consistently. The drive down was good with very little traffic on the M25, we arrived in good time for my 2.30 appointment, Jane dropped me off at the Main Door and I used the wheelchair to propel myself round to the physio reception.

The session took off from where the last one finished. I had the multi-purpose socket strapped on and also the foot. Jennifer my physio set up the foot pressure pads between the parallel bars and I went through a few of the lessons that I had done last week. 

Jennifer then started teaching me the mechanics of walking using a prosthetic leg, I have to admit that it wasn't easy, however, within 20 mins or so I was walking up and down the parallel bars unaided. It probably didn't look very slick, but it felt absolutely fantastic. I think I had approx 75% of my weight on my legs, and 25% on my arms, but it's a start, and I'm really looking forward to next weeks session.

Having found a parking spot Jane came in the gym and watched most of the session, she was pretty impressed with the progress achieved considering it's only session No2

It's less that 4 weeks since the amputation, and I can't believe the progress I've made in such a short time.A big thank you to everybody at Stanmore who have made this possible.

I have the dates for the start of my limb fitting. July 6th is the start when casts are taken of my stump in order that my socket can be manufactured. I then go in to Stanmore full time for a week on the 16th July for an intensive 7 days of final fitting, and learning how to use and walk using my new leg. Hopefully when I come out I'll be walking. I may of course need  a stick for a while, we'll see how I progress.


  1. He, he! I've been let loose with simons's comp!!!
    Thank god you've cheered up. You really are a grumpy git when there is a setback, are'n't you?
    Having caught up with your blog, at last, it's really much more informative than talking to you!? Not sure what that says about you? But whatever, it's brilliant. Well it must be pretty entertaining, for me to bother to do this. You better appreciate tne effort?
    Hope you continue blogging, whilst in stumpy hospital. Can you include photos of any mishaps you have too, I'm sure passers by would oblige.

    1. Glad you're enjoying it !! It's going to get a little slow for a while until I get to the limb fitting bit. I do'nt intend doing anything stupid just to make the blog more exciting. But if anything happens I'll make sure you get the info !!

  2. Bloody hell muddy you can write shit as well talk it!!!

  3. Oh go on david, do something stupid!!!!! When are you going to get the scooter? There is a website you could peruse.

    And Rogie, shut up! At least I bother writing something, you ignorant pleb

    When are you accepting short visits, David?