Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Nothing interesting to Report

The last few days since Friday have been quiet. I have no more hospital appontments until the 6th July when I go to Stanmore for the first Limb fitting session. So I have just been resting up and doing all my Physio exercises. I thought it was about time I started to reduce the Morphine dose, so I have halved both the morning and evening doses down to 10mg. I will keep on this reduced dose for 7 days then hopefully I can come off them completeley.

Yesterday a disability company arrived in the morning to bring me a replacement wheelchair. I'm not actually disabled, I'm UNABLED !! (unabled to to do certain things, most things I can do) This had been organised by the local authority. The guy knocked and introduced himself and then dissapeared into his van to assemble the new wheelchair. About 15 mins later he arrived at the front door with the biggest wheelchair I have ever seen !! it was complete with a headrest the full width of the chair, and a full set of straps to restrain the occupant. The whole thing was about the size of an armchair !!

Bearing in mind that the wheelchair I have from the hospital is really small and neat, folds instantly and can be easily lifted and put it in the car by Jane. This one, even when folded was literally to big to go in the boot of my Mondeo, and even I coudn't lift it, that alone Jane !! So I sent the guy away, and I'm hanging on to the one I've got.

What is it with local authorities, why didn't they phone me to discuss requirements before sending this company out. That little episode will have cost the Council department a fair bit of money, and it could have been avoided with one phone call.

Also yesterday I received a call from the Disability and Carers Service about my application for Attendance allowance (being to old for Disability Living Allowance and Motability). A few questions had to be answered. So now I'm waiting with one leg and a pair of crutches to see if I'm eligible for a Blue Badge and Attendance Allowance.

The highlight today was going to have my haircut at Bryan's Barber Shop in the village (Tiptree)
Bryan was just back from a 3 week break at his Spanish Home, so it was nice to catch up with him.

If anything more interesting happens in the next few days I'll report.

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