Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Physio & Physicians

Today I had a Physio appointment at 11.00 this morning, followed by a meeting with the surgical team this afternoon at 3.15.  and because we had a 3 hour wait between appointments we decided to take a packed lunch and go to Aldenham Country Park for a break from the hospital.

The drive to the Hospital was uneventful, and we arrived in good time for my 11.00 Physio appointment. Straight away Jennifer, my Physio, strapped me into the multi-purpose leg and had me going through all the exercises previously carried out. This time round everything seemed to be easier, and I felt really comfortable, bearing in mind that this leg is pretty old and basic. Most of the session was taken up practising walking up and down the parallel bars perfecting the movements required to make the prosthesis work correctly.  For the last 15 mins of the session I was put on the Wii Fitness programme, and using the balance board I was able to practise shifting my weight around from side to side and front to back.

A short video showing part of today's session. Considering I had the operation just 4 weeks ago I'm really pleased with my progress (feel free to comment !!)

Physio finished about 12.00 so we drove the 2 miles to Aldenham Country Park this is a really nice park of approx 100 acres with a 60 acre a lake. Weather was nice and warm, we parked up overlooking the lake. Jane wandered of to explore a little whilst I rested in the car.  We had our lunch and returned to the hospital at about 2.00.

I checked in at reception and wheeled myself round to the clinic. When I got there I met a lady who's job is signing up patients to various research programmes. As I had already signed up last year we just had a quick chat, I asked if it might be possible to get in earlier than my 3.15 appointment. No problem !! she moved my file to the No 2 position and Bingo !! I was in to see the surgeon within 10 mins.

The surgeon inspected the wound and my leg, and was very pleased with my progress. We discussed reducing my morphine doseage and slowly weaning myself off over the next couple of weeks. I asked what margin there had been when the tumours were removed. Apparently there was approx 10cm (4") which basically means 10cms between the end of my stump and the tumour. That's a really good result as 5cms is generally considered good.

More to follow, Friday is CT chest scan and meeting with Oncologist at University College Hospital London


  1. Hello! No swearing tnis time and, hopefully, the blog stasi will leave my blog public, to run free through the long grass of the ether.

    Anyway, back to you, Mr Payn. Lovely little video, although there are one or two little observations.
    Your remaining leg is a little pasty, considering all the time you have, to apply fake tan.
    I think you lie, there is a belly there!
    At the end, you turn and look at the camera, as if you are going to get an ovation! How vain are you? Obviously not re; pasty leg.

    Good walking though. Is the knee joint sprung? It looks like it flips itself straight.
    John Thaw used to walk like that, but i don't think he had a falsey.


  2. Thank you for your valued comments Ms Muddy, Me thinks your english needs polishing up a tad !! you called my good leg a little "PASTY" as in "cornish pasty", think you meant to call it "PASTEY" as in "being so white"

    Knee joint is very crude, just a simple hinge and it is sprung to the vertical position.

    keep the comments coming !!

  3. I bow to your superior English. You are, after all, more experienced, being somewhat older than myself!

    So, does the hinge 'ping' back? Good for kicking?

  4. The hinge is sprung to return the leg to the vertical position which is slightly over center, this enables it to take the full body weight without folding when walking. Hope this clears up any confusion !! and yes it's good for kicking as it 'pings' back.