Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Boring !! Boring !! Boring !!
Today's highlight was measuring out lawn weed killer solution in to a watering can, so that Jane could treat the front lawn and hopefully get rid of all the weeds that seem to have taken up residence over the past few weeks.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty boring just waiting for this coming Friday the 6th
 when I have my first limb fitting.

Other highlights over the past few days, not necessarily in order of importance :-

              • Waking up
              • Going to bed
              • Breakfast
              • Lunch
              • Evening Meal
              • Watching TV
              • Getting Attendance Allowance
              • Council tax Rebate of £93.33p
              • Insurance claim cheque for £270.00p 
Of course it's not all boring, on Mondays we look after 2 year old "Harry" our niece's youngest son. He spends the day keeping us on our toes, and generally having a good time.

Watch this space for an update after my Friday limb fitting !! 


  1. Hi David

    Just wanted to send best wishes from Derek and Carole in Selsey and to say that we have been reading your blog to keep abreast of developments as instructed and will look forward to reading about the limb fitting after Friday.

  2. Hello!

    What no visits to the gym?
    How's the book going?
    And many other whats! And hows.
    OOh i can't type with goggles on!!!!!