Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Shake Rattle & Roll !!

Well 'Rattle' anyway. I'm taking a vast no of pills since the operation.
Below is a picture of my daily morning and evening dosage.

On top off these 26 I also take another two in the afternoon, and it's also recommended that I take 2x paracetamol 4x a day although I try not to.

I'm just a week in from the operation now so tomorrow I intend to start the slow tapering off in the morphine dose, which at present is 20mg morning and evening. So I will reduce to 10mg morning and evening for a week then down to 5mg for another week, then off completely. Most of the other pills apart from 2 will stop next week. I have to continue taking 'Gabapentin' as will help to reduce the phantom limp pains.

Healing is going well and I feel better every day, I think by this weekend I will be back close to normality. I'm feeling so good that yesterday I ordered my new car, which I should take delivery of in about 2-3 weeks. It has to be an automatic with an additional left hand side accelerator, as I have to drive it with my left leg.

I have had yet another cofrontation with the Essex Wheelchair Services today so I will post  details tomorrow.

Watch this space

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  1. Shame about reducing the morphine, you were so funny! You funny slurring mentalist