Monday, 23 July 2012

Operation Postponed !!

I was due to go to theater this afternoon, but due to an emergency case it has been rescheduled to Wednesday. The emergency case is a nine year old girl, so obviously this takes priority. I under stand that fully. So I have today and tomorrow to relax and enjoy the lovely food here in the Brompton Hospital, as it's not worth going home for such a short time.

The good news, however, is that the Blue Badge has arrived at home so now I can start causing mayhem with my parking. I think I might start with my opposite neighbour, who for a reason I wont divulge, has offended us. I'll just get the Mondeo, which we don't use that much at the moment, and park it outside their house with the Blue Badge visible through the windscreen.That should annoy them !!

So that's the news for today, Monday. I guess there wont be much to post until after the operation. As I understand it I will be in a High Dependancy ward after the operation for a day or so, in order that I can be closely monitored.

For some odd reason I'm unable to upload photos from my phone to the laptop. So no pics at the moment. I'll try and sort it out. Think I might need 'Abbots' help.

And just as an aside, the ward I'm in (on the 5th floor) faces the beautiful Parish Church of St. Luke, Chelsea, where Charles Dickens was married 2nd April 1836. It is set in lovely grounds with many trees called St Lukes Gardens. Further back on the horizon is the 'Shard' and views of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. You couldn't get better if you paid. Pictures to follow when I can upload them.

After lunch today I went down to the entrance lobby and spent an hour sitting in the sun in the outside atrium. I'm now a lovely shade of pink !! on arms and face. Why didn't someone tell me not to sit in the sun!!

I also saw the Macmillan nurse and I asked hin how long after the operation would I go home. He said on average about 5 days so that would make release day Monday/Tuesday. As I'm not average I will aim for Saturday and see how it goes.


  1. Yes I think you should stop dithering and get on with things, we are all waiting to come and see you, and all you seem to be doing is sitting around eating or sunbathing! Hmph!

  2. It's a tough life, but someone's got to do it !!