Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Royal Brompton Hospital

My son Tom very kindly came home on Saturday in order to drive me to The Royal Brompton Hospital on Sunday.  Well actually he ran from the Barbican in London to Tiptree in Essex. Just a little jog of 55 miles in 7 hours. He treated this as a training run for his 131mile "Ring of Fire" run around Anglesey. This is his longest run to date, and should stand him in good stead for day 2 of the run which is 65 miles.

Anyway, we left home at 12.30 today to arrive at about 2.00. We hit really busy traffic going through London, and got to the hospital about 2.30, so not to bad. Tom drove to the front entrance of the hospital and we all disembarked. There were no parking spaces available, so I had a word with the security guy and he said it would be OK to leave the car where it was for about 20 mins, so was helpful. We got to the Ward and I was allocated a bed in room 1 with 5 other guys, they all seem fine.

Talking to the ward nurse, I was informed that I was not on the operation list for Monday, this was a little disappointing to say the least. I saw one of the doctors in the team and he said that possibly I would be having a CT scan in the morning, and the operation in the evening. So I now have to wait for more information.

I'll post an update as and when I know more.

As an aside, the evening meal was very good, a clear Chilean noodle soup, smoked haddock pasta bake, followed by really nice strawberry mouse. Breakfast is a choice of eggs, bacon, sausage, beans etc. Can't wait !!

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