Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Good News !!

This morning I had a call from the Oncology Team at UCL Hospital to say that during the meeting with the Surgical team it was agreed that an operation would be possible. 

About 15mins later I received a call from the secretary of Mr Simon Jordan,Consultant Thoracic Surgeon at the Royal Brompton Hospital, London. I have an appointments on Friday morning for a chest X-ray at 9.30, and with the consultant at 10.00.

This conflicted with the limb fitting appointment at Stanmore at 10.30, so I have arranged for this to be changed to 13.30. Thanks to the Stanmore Limb fitting Team for their flexibility.

How do I get to these early London appointments when you have one leg and 2 crutches !!
and you need to travel during the rush hour.

After some thought, and requiring to take the least stressful path, I decided that I would take a taxi from home to the Royal Brompton to arrive for 9.00. The taxi will park up and wait for me. My son Tom will get the tube from the Barbican where he works and meet me at the hospital and make sure I get the the right places on time. After the appointments Tom will return to work, and I will get the taxi to Stanmore for my 13.30 appointment. Jane will drive to Stanmore to meet up with me Friday afternoon. Sorted !!