Thursday, 5 July 2012

Limb Fitting Starts !!

Tomorrow (6th) sees the start of my limb fitting sessions. This is what I have been waiting for since the operation 6 weeks ago. It's very difficult to describe what it's like having only one leg. To move you have to use crutches, and this limits what you are able to do. For example you can make a cup of coffee but you need someone to move it for you. I've mastered most things, but moving cups of coffee still defeats me.

So tomorrow at 10.45 is the start at the Prosthetic Rehabilitation Unit, at Stanmore. I imagine that the first session will mostly be taken up with taking moulds from my stump in order that a socket can be manufactured ready for my next weeks appointment. I'm also hoping that I will have time to have a look at what types of prosthesis are available, and discuss my requirements in terms of use.

Typical Modern Knee Prosthesis
The socket fixes to the top, and the foot as shown below
fits to the bottom

Showing the selection of feet available
Monday 9th sees the Oncology team meeting with the surgical team to discuss the removal of the two small tumours in my lungs. So I'm hoping to have some news soon after to report.

My second Limb fitting session is scheduled for the following Friday when I will be fitted up with a leg ready for my full week of intensive training and physio starting the 16th July. After this intensive week I'm hoping to be walking on two legs, and this will be the start of getting back to some sort of normality, and not having to rely on people to do things for me.

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