Friday, 13 July 2012

Fantastic day !!

It was looking like a really busy day with two hospital appointments, but with good planing all went well. The taxi picked me up early at 6.00and we had a relatively traffic free drive to the Royal Brompton Hospital arriving at around 8.30. I had phoned my son Tom who lives in the Barbican and he arrived ten minutes after me. The taxi went off and parked up to await my telephone call later.

On arrival it was very quiet and I found one of the out patients receptionists who said that I needed to register as a new patient at 9.00 in the main reception area before going to X-Ray. This we duly did, and then followed the signs to the X-Ray Department. I checked in at X-Ray reception and within 5 mins I was in and the job was done. Now off to Outpatients to see the surgeon.

Unfortunately the surgeon, Mr Simon Jordon, was running late and we didn't get to see him until close to11.00. The meeting went well and he outlined what the surgery would involve. I thought that he would do both lungs at the same time, but not so, only one side at a time. So the left lung will be the first to be operated on as it has the largest tumour, which is about he size of large cherry.

The operation involves making an incision under the arm and down the side. The ribs on the side are opened up to allow the surgeon to get to the lung. Basically the surgeon flattens the lung, bit like squashing a plastic bag flat, and then he can feel any lumps or nodules (tumours). The nodules are then isolated and removed with a margin of lung. the wound is repaired and that's it done. In my case the surgeon doesn't think it will make to much difference to my lung capacity, which is good news.

The first operation will be scheduled for about 2 weeks time, I will receive full details by post next week. This fits in well as I have a weeks physio and leg training booked in at Stanmore next week. Tom and I left the meeting on a very positive note. We now had to go to a pre-admission clinic and I asked one of the Clinical Nurses who had been in the meeting where this was. I mentioned that I had another appointment at Stanmore and he said that I could have the pre-admission tests done on the day I came in. This was really helpful as time was getting tight.

I rang the taxi which arrived in a couple of minutes, Tom got me loaded in and we said our goodbyes. Tom left to get the tube back to work, and we started our short but slow journey to Stanmore. The traffic was pretty bad, and didn't thin out until we were nearly at Stanmore, however we arrived 3/4 hour early which meant I could grab a coffee and chocolate bar before I started the leg fitting.

Dave, the prosthetic technician, arrived early and showed me my new leg, and here it is !!

A close up of the knee mechanism

After an initial fitting and a bit of tweaking I had my new leg on, and here is a video of me taking it for a test drive.
This was one of the better attempts, but with practice I know I will be walking normally.

A big thank you to Dave, Ruth and the guys in the limb fitting centre
a Brilliant job !!!

Next week its Monday to Friday in Stamore for physio and training with leg.
Watch this space for updates !!

Just as an aside I received a copy of the Surgeons report to my local GP, and I quote :-

"Mr Payn is now 6 weeks down the line from the amputation and I have to say he is making Phenomenal progress. His stump is completely healed, and all swelling has resolved. He is due to start limb fitting on 6th July"


  1. Cool knee. Good bit of walking. Ooh too many compliments. You still need to cut out the cakes. Told everyone at work about you coming back to work and how cool your new knee is. Everyone thinks you are completely bonkers wanting to come back to work.


  2. Bonkers may be !! but you have to have a goal in life, and my goal is to be the only security officer with a prosthetic leg. No reason why not, is there ?