Sunday, 29 July 2012


Now I'm back home I can upload photos,
so below you can see the view I had out of the ward window
This the Parish Church of St. Luke, Chelsea where Charles Dickens was married.

View of the park to the side of the church, every day this was packed with people sunbathing. You can see the cafe just inside the church on the left. This served fresh coffee, sandwiches, panini's, and cakes etc.

Its been 5 days since my surgery and the healing process is going well. My chest feels a little tender and tight, but I have very little pain, but this is due to the increased morphine dosage that I'm taking. In a couple of days I will start to reduce all the medication that I'm on tapering off to zero in a few weeks. That will be really good as last night, with the increased morphine, I slept for a straight 12 hours, and that really isn't like me at all.

For those of you who are interested this is wound across my back. It was taken in a mirror so it's reversed

The wound has dissolvable stitches, so the only stitches to come out are under the white dressing which is where the drains went in to the lung.


  1. Sunbathers hey? good view you had!!!!!!

    Jeez, (I am so struggling not to swear!), that is a huge wonky line, of a scar. I thought they were just going to make a small incision and pull the deflated lung through it, but hey, what do I know?

  2. And I'll get another one to match on the other side !! Think I've had enough of this hospital stuff, certainly more than my fair share.