Friday, 6 July 2012

It came at Last !!

Friday 6th July, day 1, the start of my limb fitting.

My appointment was for 10.45 and we arrived early at the Louis Fleishmann Building at the RNOH Stanmore. After checking in I had a meeting with Dr Sedki the consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine. This lasted an hour or so during which time we went through a range of things relating to amputation and prosthesis, and more specifically my expectations and requirements for the future.

After this I was introduced to Dave and Ruth, Dave is to be my prosthetic technician, and Ruth is a trainee working with him. There was some discussion about the type of prosthesis and foot that I would be fitted up with. However me being me I didn't take notes and by the time I got home I had forgotten most of what was said.

I do remember the discussion about he foot and it is to be a Trias manufactured by OttoBock

As you can see it is a Carbon Fibre foot that is designed to closely emulate the action of a normal foot. Of course you wont see this as it will be fitted into a silicon plastic foot.

Anyone interested in reading a little more about how this foot works, please click on this link

Anyone interested in seeing a very short video (10 secs) of how this foot works, click this link
Trias Video

This meeting was followed by Dave & Ruth taking me off to have a cast taken of my leg in order that a socket could be made for next Fridays visit.

This is the kit required and comprises, cling film, tights, plaster impregnated bandages, elastic binding and various measuring implements.
 The start of the process involves being wrapped up in clingfilm (forget the funny remarks, I've heard them all) this is to ensure that the plaster cast does not stick to your skin, under wear, and more importantly the hairs on your leg. 

Stage 1 completed

Stage 2,
Tights on. Also several fairly tight elastic straps.

Stage 3 - Getting plastered !!

The finished cast removed.

By filling this cast with plaster a mould of my leg will be produced. From this mould the technicians will produce my socket which should be an exact fit for my leg.

I've simplified the process so not to make it to technical, however, there is a lot more to it, and the technicians job involves a lot of precision in order that the socket fits well.

As I didn't get the details of the knee prosthesis I will try to speak to Dave on Monday so I can do a blog Monday evening.

Watch this space !!


  1. Total 2000 knee, from Össur. :)

  2. Thank you (Ruth or Dave) I assume, that's appreciated. I can now do another posting

  3. The foot looks so cool, shame to hide it under pretend human-ness. (I'm not sure that is a word, but i like it, so, ner, ner, ner!) the leg is alright, but you can't see all the technical bits. That's the prost stuff.

    Now you in your kinky bondage stuff!!!!! What can I say? Well,there is the obvious, look at that belly! Skimpy pants! so, I know the answer about you putting on pounds! Once you get back to being a bi-ped, you have some serious work to do. He he! Think next time you should go for barely black, or black tights they are so much more slimming!!!!

    Ok, finished taking the michael now. Why did they have to put the tight elastic bands on, that just looks like it distorts and makes you look all lumpy.

    You are brave, putting those totally un-flattering photos of yourself, in the public domain!

    ooh its getting right exciting!!!!!! We can have a race when you get your new leg

  4. The leg is really cool and I'm not going to hide it, going to pioneer shorts for security officers !!!

    The tight elastic was done to showup lines for the socket to be made to.

    As for being brave putting those pictures on the blog. I lost all my digity in hospital when I had a young nurse remove the catheter from my willy !!!!!