Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wheelchair !!

For those of you who have been following my postings, you will remember the problems I had with local wheelchair services, back on the 27th June. Having heard nothing since then, I contacted my GP's surgery to request that the Wheelchair Service contact me to discuss my requirements. I still have the wheelchair allocated to me by The Royay National Orthopeadic Hospital over 2 months ago, and I should have returned it by now.

I was promised that I would be contacted the following week (last week) Well, of course you've guessed it, no telephone call. Until Monday 2 days ago we received a call from the same private disability company that brought round the armchair on wheels, to say that they would be delivering a wheelchair on Tuesday.

Pre-empting what they would turn up with I decided to contact the Wheelchair Services people. Got the No off the Internet and rang them. When I asked why no one had called me, the response was, we have called you. Well I responded with that's a complete lie because it was. I asked why the service doesn't speak to people to discuss not only the users requirements, but also the carers requirements, before just sending out any old chair. They insisted they did. I told them to cancel the planned visit for Tuesday, as I knew that it would be waste of time.

There's a big difference between chairs as you can see 

Having done some previous investigation I found out that there is also available a voucher scheme which enables the user to select his own equipment, and if required to top up the voucher value to get the most suitable. This option has never been offered to me. I find this disgraceful, and I intend to take it further.

When I asked about the voucher scheme I was asked if I wanted to go on it, I asked why it had never been offered to me. Of course the answer was that I had been. Lies, lies and more lies. I opted to for the voucher scheme and was told the paperwork would be sent out to me. Then an hour or so later, surprise surprise I got a call from the Wheelchair Service to say I had to come in for an assessment. I went through the "I can't fake this amputation, it's not a bad back due to being overweight" answer, but I guess they think they are getting back at me by making me travel to the center for an assessment on Monday. I think they have picked on the wrong person !! 

ps. Can you guess what happened about the planned visit for Tuesday that I asked them to cancel.

You got !!!  The company turned up with another wheelchair

That's another £ xxxx of tax payers money wasted.

My mission is to sort this unbelievable system out. Watch this space for more updates.


  1. I'd get the go faster version m8, the other one doesnt look too clever


  2. Watch this space to see how it all pans out after Monday. You can be assured I'll get the best possible for my needs. Thanks for the comment (Mr A I assume)

  3. About time Mr A made a comment!

    Phewy, Mr Payn, back to your ranting, man on a mission, self, I see. Let the B*****ds have the full Payn onslaught! Grind 'em down, dave! Go get 'em boy!

    Are you really going to need a wheelie? (little affectionate name, I think. And you can confuse it as 'really', with a speech impediment, for humour?!?)

  4. Yes Muddy, and I'll explain why when I next see you. Unfortunatly I'm unable to put it in print for reasons I'll explain. You'll have to be patient !!