Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Not much to report

Today was Physio day at Stanmore. I was determined to walk in to see Jennifer without a walking stick, however I had a slight problem. We waited outside the gym and when Jennifer called us in I got up out of the chair and had a dizzy moment. I had the same dizzy moment getting out of bed this morning. So very strange.

Jennifer took my blood pressure which was a little high but I put that down to the effort of putting my leg on and walking through the hospital to the physio gym. I had a good session and Jeniffer was pleased with the progress I had made. Although I did get a small ticking off for not using a walking stick, apparently I still need to use one for a little while longer.

This evening I did a little research on the Gabapentin Tablets that I take for the phantom limb pain, and it would appear that two of the side effects are dizzyness and a slight ringing in the ears. I'm normally OK with my 3x daily dosage, but yesterday I took the afternoon dose really late and very close to the evening dose. So I think I temporarily overloaded the system which caused today's dizzyness. I also have a slight ringing in my ears most days, but not enough to cause concern. Hopefully I will have returned to normal by tomorrow, I'll let you know.

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