Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Leg !!

He's finally home, my new right leg that is. Not sure what to call him at the moment, but I'm sure somebody out there (probably Muddy) will come up with a suitable name.

Today Jeniffer the physio gave me an hour of intensive training with the leg to ensure I was competent and safe to take it home. Although it was over 2 weeks since I had used it, due to the operation, I felt fine and got on well. Although I did have one fall, but that's to be expected and I'm sure it wont be the last.

The socket is the first one made and I have to wear the support belt which you can see attached to it. This belt goes around my waist and helps to support the leg. As my leg shrinks a new smaller socket will be made, probably in about 6-8 weeks, and finally in about 6 months or so I'm hoping for a vacuum socket attachment which I will elaborate on in a later posting.

Today my new car was having the modifications done to install an additional left foot accelerator, and at about 5.00pm I had a call to say it was complete and the car was back at the garage. So just the final valeting in the morning to make it ready for us to collect. We have friends taking us to the garage in the afternoon around 2.00pm, so tomorrow I'll tell you what's it's like to drive with my left leg !!  Should be interesting.

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