Monday, 20 August 2012

Same Leg - Same Mile in reverse - 45mins

Just to make sure that boredom doesn't set in I did the same Mile route around the block this evening, but in reverse. So what's different I hear you say. You able bodied people just walk without thinking about it, whereas I have to look ahead all the time to see what the pavement is doing.

All pavements generally slope slightly towards the road, this is to make sure that rain water drains into the road. Also there are drop kerbs so people can drive their cars off the road. With a prosthesis it is easier to walk with the false leg nearest the road, ie on the lower side of the pavement. Drop kerbs have a slope down and a slope up on the pavement and both of these give different problems to a prosthesis wearer.
Walking the same route in reverse presents different problems.

That's the science bit, and you thought it was easy !!

Anyway 45mins was 10% time improvement, I'll settle for that.

This is how fast I can now walk !! Haven't quite perected the grin yet !!

I need to say a big thank you to Dave at the Limb fitting Center because the mods to my socket have made it extremely comfortable, and this is the reason why I am able to do these long walks.

It's looking like my 2nd lung operation will be early Sept, should be confirmed this week.
Be nice to get it all over with, and back to normality.

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  1. I'm not so sure the drop Krebs are there for cars.... maybe prams, wheelchairs and scooters though! at this rate you'll be at the 4 minute mile in 4 months!


    ps no problem :)