Friday, 24 August 2012

End of the Week

Forgot to say earlier that on Tuesday my new wheelchair arrived. I had ordered it from a company near Manchester using the Wheelchair Voucher that I had been issued with. It's pretty neat, but more importantly it's nice and light. I don't actually need a wheelchair on a daily basis but I will use it when I go in for my next lung operation.

Although I have been practising doing a few flips etc.

After the dizzy spells I had on Wednesday I reduced the Gabapentin dosage down form 900mg to 600mg and it appears to be having effect, I'll report further next week.

I'm still walking approx a mile or so a day, and concentrating on posture etc, I'm going to need to find some more routes as boredom is slowly setting in

1 comment:

  1. Hello. I thought you would be on a bike by now, cycling down to the coast! C'mon G get him cycling and don't forget to video it!

    Let's see a piccy of your new wheelie and a few videos of you doing wheelies in your wheelie!!!

    Have you had a drink yet when wearing you leg. Simon thought of a name for your leg, but its not printable.