Monday, 3 September 2012

Busy Week Last Week
& Good News

The good news is that I have heard from the Royal Brompton Hospital and I'm going in for the operation on my right lung on Sunday 16th Sept with the operatiopn on Monday 17th. It will be good to get this over with and back on the road to recovery.

Last week was pretty busy, on Wednesday I had to make a visit to work at Stansted Airport to meet with the company doctor and also one of my managers. I was determined to go in with my leg on and dressed in long trousers, something I haven't worn since the amputation in May. So on Tuesday I did a dress rehearsal in my work trousers and shoes. It didn't go to well as the heal on my work shoes is slightly higher and this makes walking a little more difficult. I persevered and it slowly fell into place.

Wednesday came and I drove into work for the appointments. All went well with the doctor, and she was happy for me to return to work approx 6 weeks after my next lung operation. The meeting with my manager also went well and he is also happy for me to return when I'm fit.

It was interesting going in to work and bumping into familiar faces, I managed to walk OK without falling over and making an idiot of myself, so another milestone behind me.

Thursday I had promised my son Tom that I would drive him to Anglesey to the Ring Of Fire Ultra Marathon that he had entered. The purpose of me being there was to basically to meet up with him at the various control points and have drinks, food, clothing available if he needed them. One of Toms fellow workers, Shavaun, also came to help out. She was instrumental in getting Tom involved in this race so I think she felt she had to be there to give encouragement. As I'm somewhat incapacitated her help was invaluable in preparing drinks and getting things ready for Tom's arrival at each check point, not to mention having a companion in the car to keep me company.

The race is a 131 mile Ultra Marathon around the Anglesey Coastal path with a total vertical ascent of 13,695 feet over 3 days. Day one is 32 miles, day two 64 miles, and day three 35 miles. Day one, Friday started at 1.00pm, days 2 & 3 started really early at 6.00am with all of the the 100 runners sleeping in village halls at the end of each day. Without going into to much detail Tom won very convincingly completing the three stages in 21 hours 54 mins, and over 3 hours ahead of second place.

Tom at the finish with the race organisers.

Check Point stop on day2

This was Tom's first venture in to Ultra Marathon running and it looks like he might have found a new vocation !! I mentioned in previous postings that Tom was a little crazy in the things he attempts and perhaps this proves it. Who would want to run 131 miles, up and down 13,695 feet, through sea water up to your waist, mud 12" deep and through fields with bulls !!

Anyone interested in more details of the race can check out Toms Blog at this should be updated fairly soon with a daily report and a few more pictures.

Having said all that we are extremley proud of him and his achievments.
Well done Tom.

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