Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday at the Royal Brompton !!

Having made the decision to avoid driving through central London I decided to go around the M25 and down the A1 on to the A5 to Hyde Park Corner, and then on to the Fulham Road. Progress was good until we hit the Cricklewood and Kilburn area. We ground to a sluggish 5mph for the last 6-7 miles.

Anyway we got there around 2.30 so it didn't present any problem. Tom, our son had taken 2 athletes to run in the Portsmouth Victory 5 in the morning and had returned to meet up with us at the Brompton, which he duly did around 3.30. Both the male and female athletes had won, and both in course record times, so it was a good day for Tom and Run-Fast the Management Company.

We met up with Tom in the hospital foyer and went straight to the ward. As I had to start having various tests, Jane and Tom said their good byes and left to have a late lunch. Tom would then drive my car out of London to Brentwood, where Jane could then drive back to Tiptree and Tom could take the underground to the Barbican.

My assigned nurse, doing the tests and filling all the paperwork in, recognised me from my previous visit, which was nice. Her name is Stacy, and on my last visit she was on nights and delighted us all with her chirpy morning wake up call at around 5.45. She's like a little rottweiler, having said that she is a delight because she gets on with the job efficiently and always with a smile. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone was like that !!

She informed me that I was No 4 on the theater list, and with No's 1 & 2 being shortish operations I would probably be going down around lunch time. That's not to bad, at least I won't have go to long without food and drink.

Hopefully I'll do a posting on Wednesday when I'm back from cyber space !!

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