Thursday, 13 September 2012

Just Waiting !!

The week has been a week of wishing time away waiting for Sunday to arrive, and my admission to hospital. I will be driving with Jane to the Royal Brompton Hospital on Sunday afternoon to arrive around 2.30 - 3.00. Our son Tom has to be in Portsmouth on Sunday morning as one of the Run-Fast athletes is competing in the Victory 5. He's hoping to be back, and at the Brompton for about 3.30 to drive Jane to Newbury Park, where he can hand over the car to Jane and he can get the underground back to the Barbican. I have to say that during the past year with all the various London hospital visits Tom has been brilliant in meeting up with us and driving us in and out of London, so a big thanks Tom.

Operation day is Monday, and as it's no food from Sunday midnight and no liquids after 6.00am Monday morning I'm hoping that I will be in the first wave on the operating list, otherwise it's a long day waiting and watching others eating and drinking.

From the previous operation on the left lung I know that Monday and Tuesday in the High Dependancy Unit wont be a good days, so hopefully I can update progress in next Wednesdays blog.

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