Saturday, 22 September 2012


After my initial recovery which I reported in the last posting I was discharged from hospital on Thursday evening. My days in the Brompton were pretty good, I felt tired during the day but made up for that by sleeping between meals. My pain was under control, so I thought I was ready to go home. As before, Jane drove my car to Brentwood where Tom took over to drive through London and collect me. All went well and we arrived home about 10.00 in the evening. Straight to bed for me as I was pretty tired.

When I woke up yesterday morning at about 9.30 I was in acute pain across my chest every time I tried to move. I couldn't even move my head from side to side without being in pain. After some quick thinking I Got Jane to bring me up 20mls of Oramorph which is quick acting morphine that kicks in after about 10 mins.

Whilst I was laying there waiting for the Oramorph to work my mobile rang, fortunately I had it to hand, and was someone enquiring about the Mondeo which I had put on Autotrader. It was a guy from Norwich and he seemed genuinely interested, unlike some of the jokers that have called me recently. I gave him a genuine run down on the car and he arranged to come and look at it around 13.30.

By the time the call had finished the Oramorph had worked, and I was ready to get out of bed, albeit with a helping hand from Jane. After a quick wash and brush up I made it downstairs to the lounge where I spent the remainder of the day just resting. The guy from Norwich duly turned up with his wife, and went throu the paperwork and service history. Happy with that Jane then took them out to inspect the car and give them a test drive. On their return they were happy with the car and it was just left to agree a price. The car needed 4 new tyres so I was happy to accept the £400 less than my asking price. Everything agreed Jane took them to our local Barclays where they did a direct transfer to our account. That was really easy !!

So now I could spend the rest of the day relaxing, and I guess I'll be doing that for a few more days until the pain starts to subside. I'll let you know how things pan out.

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