Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Not Much to Report

Fairly quiet week this week, just trying to do some of the ordinary things in life with my leg on. So today I vacuumed out the car after the weekends escapade to Anglesey, I then attempted to mow the back lawn which just about killed me. It's much harder doing even the simplest of jobs that we all take for granted, but I guess it will get easier as time goes on and I get more practised.

Another test coming up tomorrow as our son Tom has very kindly treated us to an evening at the Paralympics in the Athletics Stadium.

I will be wearing my leg for the rail journey to Stratford, walking around the Olympics Park, and for the evenings events on the track. I have to say that I'm really looking forward to seeing the Stadium having seen it grow over the past year when I was travelling to London for my radiotherapy treatment.

Tom and a work colleague will meet us on arrival at Stratford so I've got more than enough helping hands if required. This will be a real test of my confidence as the Park will be really busy with thousands of spectators milling around, and I will have to negotiate a whole host of obstacles, not to mention the many steps up to our seats on level 57 !!

I'll report on Friday on how I coped.


  1. Enjoy and good luck. Will look forward to hearing about it all!
    Mrs P and Mr T. X

  2. Thank you Mrs P & Mr T. I had a word with Tom and he has now posted the report for day 2 of the "Ring O Fire"