Thursday, 16 August 2012

Progress in Small Steps

After reaching Milestone 1 the other day I had to take a step backwards. Basically I was getting to the stage where the socket was becoming painful and in need of modification. I had gone out yesterday morning for my usual walk and after about 10 mins I had to return home, the socket was really painful around the crutch. 

I phoned Dave the Technician at Stanmore to discus the problem and of course he knew exactly what was wrong. My leg has now shrunk a little, so that it is going down further in to the socket, hence the painful crutch. Fortunately Dave could fit me in with an appointment today at 2.00 to sort out the problem.

For me this was a first as I drove the new car to Stanmore with Jane as a passenger. I haven't driven to the hospital, or any ware else for that matter, for nearly 3 months so a really good outing for me.

When we arrived at the Limb centre Dave was quick to discuss the problem and to offer the solution of trimming back the socket in the offending areas. The socket also has a silicon liner which Dave folded over the outer material and heated in to position to give a larger softer edge. I tried the leg on and was pleased with the changes, it felt much better and without any painful areas.

We arrived back home at around 4.30 so I decided to go out for a hour or so to check out the leg for comfort. It was good, and I felt comfortable, although it will take a lot more practise to become perfect. I was approaching the final walk back when I must have lost concentration and suddenly found myself flying to the ground grazing my elbow in the process. I had tried to put my weight on the leg before it had locked out. The knee, of course, had folded under me and CRASH !!

Still if you don't make mistakes you don't learn.
Unfortunately these mistakes are generally painful !! but hey ho.


  1. Hello! Long time, no comments. Lots of reasons, can't be arsed to explain.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm? Thinking of name for leg, will pick Whiteheads brain.

    So, did your little trip damage your spelling???
    Worst and most repeated 'crutch', it's crotch!!!!

    Anyway, you really are racing ahead. Think you could have entered the paralympics this time round. You must be embarrassing a lot of people. Good for you. Back at work in no time??

    Can you run yet? And when are you planning a cycle ride? Oh and Cloppy is ready and waiting too! You know you want to, deep down.

    C'mon Mr A, get him on a bike, with photos please.

    Well done old boy, you really are amazing. Oops did I just pay you a compliment??

  2. I think that was a compliment !! any way I'll take it as such. As for spelling did you write "ARSED to explain" me thinks it should have been "ASKED"