Sunday, 19 August 2012

1 leg - 1 mile - 50 minutes - No Falls

Another Milestone completed. This morning I went out for my usual walkabout, when I got to the top of my road I thought how boring to walk up and down the same bit of road. So from my running days I recalled  that a complete circular route around the block was 1 mile, so why not go for it !!

The block is rectangular "ish", with 3 long sides and 1 short side. Our close is halfway along one of the long sides. So off I strode noting the starting time at 10.10 and completing the first half long side with ease. Turning on to the next long side was fairly daunting as it looked a long way down to the next corner. Not to be put of I pushed on, stopping occasionally to compose myself. About 50 meters from the corner is my local gym so getting there is going to be no problem in the future. At the corner there is a War Memorial to the Tiptree lives lost in the two wars.

and as you can see there is a nice low wall for one legged blokes like me to rest upon.

At this point I had covered approx 1/2 mile, so I was pretty pleased. After a short rest I carried on, by which time the sun was blistering down and I was pleased to walk partially in the shade of some of the trees dotted along the way. Halfway down this leg of the route the local shops start to appear, Tesco's on the opposite side of the road and the smaller local shops on the side I was walking. This long side went well and fairly quickly (relatively)

I then turned on to the short leg of less than 100 meters, followed by 1/2 of the first long leg. This half leg is pretty boring, ie nothing of note just houses on both sides. however this is where I fell last Thursday so extra vigilance on the stretch. All went well, and after a few hundred meters I turned into our close, and home; albeit very hot and with a very damp tee shirt, but certainly elated !!

I checked my watch, 11.00, so a 50 min Mile. Not bad for a first attempt with no falls.

Another Milestone in my life !!
What next I wonder ??


  1. There's no stopping you Dave! You put many of us to shame. I'll look for you sitting on the wall next time I go thru Tiptree!
    Take care
    Mrs P x

  2. Getting very close to a bike ride Mr Payn :-) Well done m8, you'll soon be faster than I am. When u have a spare moment, my lawn needs doing too, could be a business idea :-)

    Talk soon